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Early Prototype for my next game, mainly used to test some of the Assets i have created;

Note: I'm putting the development of MQ on ice for now. I've noticed that the project is getting way to big for it's intended purpose (see above) and I haven't put too much thought into Game Design and Programming at the beginning. 

Controlls : 

  • Arrow keys or WASD to move 
  • X or Left mouse button to attack
  • Y to cancel Menu
  • E interact
  • 1-6 Item Usage

Controller Controlls :

  • Left analog stick to move
  • X to attack
  • A interact
  • B to cancel Menu

Change Log


  • Release


  • Smothed Controlls
  • Replaced Slimes with Zombies


  • New Map
  • Tweaked Zombie Ai
  • Primitive Pathfinding
  • New Controlls
  • Gamepad Support


  • Reduced Lag
  • New Controlls


  • New Map Area
  • Boss Added
  • Level System Added


  • Improved AI (Less Cornercutting, more efficient)
  • New Map Areas (WIP, no pathfinding set Up only collisions)
  • Item/ Skill Assets added (Not Functional in This Patch)


  • Spawn Point Overhaul
  • Enemys spawn in Waves (8 Currently)
  • Item System Added
  • Level System Tweaked
  • Boss Buffed
  • Map Fixed
  • Buff System Added (Only 1 Buff and Debuff currently)
  • Item Drops Added (Only for Coins)
  • new Music added

Tipps and Tricks:

You can spend your Level points at the Statue, the Statue is located in the room with a single lantern.

To deal any serious damage to the boss you have to kill the adds first.

Published Aug 17, 2017
GenreAction, Survival
Made withUnity
Tags16-bit, Action RPG, artgame, Unity


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Seems fun. Some enemies got stuck on the campfire once (4 enemies, coming from the right).

2 minor things:

- I'd like to have attack on another hand than move, so either attack on 'LMB' or attack on 'O' or move on 'LMB'; pray is fine on 'Q'

-Is there a reason for praying to Jesus specifically? Because to me it seems as if Hope could also pray to Patecatl, Epione, Tàiyī Zhǔshén, Nintinugga (to name a variety) or the Lord of Light (GoT) and achieve the same results.

Thanks for your feedback :D

  • I will definetly revamp the Key mapping, probably Controlls on the Arrow Keys and all the Interaction buttons on qwer, but i have to look more into that.
  • As for the praying to Jesus... yeah dosen't do anything, I just test Animations with Q and left it in.

Interesting. I thought it would heal you.

(1 edit)

The healing comes from the campfire


Seems to be some issues with moving, but it seems really interesting. Good job. :)

Thanks for the feedback, will be working on that tomorrow :), I've been working rather quick and dirty on the code to be honest.